The more you drive, the more you save!


If you commute long distances on a regular basis, fuel consumption is more than likely of particular concern to you.


Our team of experts have worked hard to develop some of the best economy ECU tuning files on the market. There will be a noticeable difference in the feel and drivability of your car without loosing out on fuel economy.


Whether you have a normally aspirated or turbocharged vehicle, our ECU tuning services guarantee to optimise engine MPG efficiency.


How does it work?

By adjusting the engine parameters to fully utilise the fuel’s energy, your vehicle will give you extra miles per tank whilst increasing its power output.


Don’t think twice… Before you incur unnecessary debts and rush out to buy the latest ‘eco-car’ contact us and find out how a TruCore Remap can reduce your motoring costs by increasing your car’s fuel economy.

◦Conservative increase in BHP


                                 we have many clients who have gained as much as 35%


                    Remember we have a money back gaurentee so its a win win on this one !


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