Are all ECU Remaps the same?


Just because one ECU remap power claim is equal to another this does not necessarily mean you are getting the same thing! Many people base their decision on the power quoted alone - this is by far the worst way to decide on which remap to choose.


Firstly, power isn't everything. More important is the way the car will drive after the changes have been made. How many of the maps have been altered to work in harmony with each other. This again is down to skill, experience and R&D.


A remapped car by company A will probably drive different to one mapped by company B.




Custom Remapping


There is plenty of talk and type regarding 'custom' remapping. Engine tolerances are extremely small - we know this because we dyno so many cars and one car of the same model will always deliver pretty much the same power (as another as long as the adaptive values are set to zero).


Therefore there is absolutely no reason to custom remap every single 'stock' car. The engines are the same, the vehicles are the same. Our heavily developed ECU software will work the same in each stock car it is fitted to.


Custom mapping is only really beneficial to cars with major changes made to exhausts (headers) or engine internals. Air filters and induction kits do not require remaps. If an induction kit allows more air into the engine then the air mass meter will pick this up and generate the appropriate signals to deliver the correct amount of fuel.


Custom remapping a standard car for which we have already created a very good map is a useless and pointless exercise (apart from revenues gained by unscrupulous tuners) unless engine tolerances between car to car are very high.




Live Remapping


A highly misunderstood and misrepresented process in the tuning industry. Live remapping cannot be done through the OBD port. Live remapping means making changes to the ECU whilst the engine is running and this usually requires one of the following:


- Piggyback ECU


- Aftermarket ECU


- Emulator (these are usually soldered directly in place of the chips/eprom(s) inside the ECU)


Live remapping is like custom remapping in that it's only required for the same reasons as custom remapping would be.



Dyno Power Outputs


Dyno power outputs can be manipulated. Unfortunately some companies do manipulate dyno readings in order to show a false gain.

Any company who values their reputation will never manipulate dyno results. There are hundreds of dyno's worldwide and it's easy for you to dyno your car before and after your car has been upgraded and compare the results of the independent dyno and the tuners' dyno.



If you would like to understand things further please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll take you through everything in more detail.


Thanks for Reading!